the Good Vibe Crew

Matthew Alexander

Matthew has been living, working, and playing full time in his custom home on wheels since August of 2017 and helped start the Collective. He also works as a videographer with Tiny Home Tours and is an aerial drone operator.

It is Matthew's passion to develop opportunities for connection and growth within the nomadic community while also telling our story to the outside world. He's known in the Collective as 'Captain Good Vibes' for his can-do spirit and legendary hosting skills.

Matthew is the creator of Good Vibe LiVE and Nomad News, two shows helping the nomadic community stay on top of the latest happenings.

Join his Journey:  EnjoyTheJourney.Today

Carson Hotaling

Carson has been living nomadically for years and started his vanlife journey in 2021. He helps manage the many ongoing projects at the Collective and utilizes his tech background to create tools that provide accessible information to the community 

No matter the climate or ecosystem, Carson has a hobby to match it such as dirt biking, rock climbing, highlining, kiteboarding, hiking, snowboarding, yoga/acro, piano, and fire spinning at Drift Along DJ Aaron sets!

Explore his travels: @theroadghosttraveled

Chad Quinn

Chad has been living nomadically since 2021 in his beloved, off-road land yacht named: Althea. Besides the Grateful Dead, he's passionate about documenting the nomadic community through photographs and his interview show Life on the Road. 

When he's not behind the lens, he's probably behind the wheel, sailing across the interstate highways to make it to nomadic gatherings, to hit the slopes, or start a new company. Chad and his Bearded brands can't stop and won't stop. Try to keep up!

Join his travels: Bearded Vanlife  /  @BeardedVanlife

Watch Life on the Road on YouTube (New episodes weekly!)

Stay at his Park City, Utah property

Hire him to make art for you.

Isaac Taylor

Isaac is a data professional and musician that has been traveling and living nomadically since 2016. He's spent significant time in India, China, Philadelphia, and Chicago before starting to live full-time on the road in 2020. 

He loves to jam, playing bass guitar, guitar, or piano whenever he has the opportunity and can often be seen joining well-known acts and open mics at vanlife gatherings. He likes to solve problems and make things better, having helped with a number of vanlife meetups, in particular with the @TheJournalOfLostTime event series, Skooliepalooza, and many more.

He is a @VanLifePride ambassador, and is known for traveling around in his @TinyClosetOnWheels, a pop-up “gay bar” in a pop-up truck camper that serves "drinks" and "coffee" so long as folks have 'low expectations'.

Follow his day to day: @NomadicIsacc

Michael Damman

Michael has been adventuring on his motorcycle and living nomadically for many years. In 2020 he started a series of renegade concerts and raves called The Flamingo Stage, which quickly gained a reputation for hosting safe, inclusive, and environmentally responsible events. ...and just for creating a 'whole ass vibe.'

When he's not shreddin' forest roads on his moto you'll find him working on hydrology projects in Utah living in his ambo.

Catch his next adventure: @AdventureBikeMike

Aaron Schuckman

Drift Along DJ Aaron has quickly become a nomadic celebrity by soundtracking the summer for hundreds of travelers at Flamingo Stages, Open Roads Fest, Descend on Bend, and many more! 

Besides headlining many nomadic gatherings, he is also a lead producer for The Flamingo Stage, organizing, problem solving, and gathering good people together.

When he's not spinning nomads into a love frenzy, find Aaron and his lovable pup Kofa cruising the desert taking pictures and crafting dope weekly playlists for the community.

Follow his projects: @DriftAlongDJAaron

Chris Allen

Chris Allen (aka Sosa) is a dynamic individual who has made a name for himself as a 1st responder, youth development specialist, and as THE host and MC for Nomad festivals all over the West. His energetic presence on stage has made him a crowd favorite.

Chris is a Navy veteran, having served his country with honor and dedication. His time in the Navy instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and a commitment to excellence, qualities that he carries with him in all aspects of his life.

He has fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle with his wife, Taylor. They have lived in boats, trucks, campers, and vans. Chris is also the creator of the Van Olympics: a nomad-themed team game that brings community together in a fun atmosphere that showcases the creativity and resourcefulness of nomads.

In addition to being an excellent vibe curator, he often acts as security at many nomadic gatherings. His friendly demeanor and positive energy make him a trusted presence in these environments ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

Catch up with Chris and Tay on their website:
Follow Chris on Instagram for the day to day: @MusclesOnTheMove