the Good Vibe Crew

Christopher Ives

Chris has been living a nomadic life for more than a decade and is a cofounder and executive producer for the Collective. He's also a photographer, creative director, and producer and he handles most of the Collective's communications and branding.

When he's not crafting language or taking photographs, you'll find him hidden away on Forest Service roads, jumping in wild hot springs, and spending time with his furry co-pilot, Tulsi. 

He is the creator of / @EcoVan_org a free resource for building an eco-friendly van.

He is also the creator of 'In Here, Out There: Stories from the Road', a podcast filled with stories and sounds from his travels.

Follow his daily explorations: @ChristopherIves

Mathew Alexander

Matthew has been living, working, and playing full time in his custom home on wheels since August of 2017 and is a cofounder of the Collective. He also works as a videographer and aerial drone operator.

It is Matthew's passion to develop opportunities for connection and growth within the nomadic community while also telling our story to the outside world. He's known in the Collective as 'Captain Good Vibes' because it was his vision of leading nomads on caravans that started the Collective.

Matthew supports the Collective as MC and host for many of our event. He is also an executive producer and the creator of Good Vibe LiVE and Nomad News, two shows helping the nomadic community stay ontop of the latest happenings.

Join his Journey:  EnjoyTheJourney.Today

Michael Damman

Michael has been adventuring on his motorcycle and living nomadically for many years. In 2020 he started a series of renegade concerts and raves called "The Flamingo Stage," which quickly gained a reputation for quality, affordability, and just creating a 'whole ass vibe.'

In 2022, the Collective began supporting Michael and the Flamingo stage, and in 2023 he joined the Crew as a lead event producer.

When he's not cruising forest roads on his moto you'll find him working with the Forest Service on hydrology projects in Utah.

Catch his next adventure: @AdventureBikeMike

Aaron Schuckman

Drift Along DJ Aaron has quickly become a nomadic celebrity by soundtracking the summer for hundreds of travelers at Flamingo Stages, Open Roads Fest, Descend on Bend, and many more! 

Besides headlining many of the Good Vibe Collective events, he also supports the collective as a producer.

When he's not spinning nomads into a love frenzy, find Aaron and his lovable pup Kofa cruising the desert taking pictures.

Follow his projects: @DriftAlongDJAaron