Upcoming  Events

How do I Attend?

The Crew of the Collective is made up of many community-loving individuals and all of our events are different. Capacity, rules, duration, and amenities may be different at each event. What's not different is our commitment to strive for inclusivity, intentionality, and environmental protection for each event. Check out our 6 Principles for Nomadic Community on the About page.

In the past, the Good Vibe Collective hosted our own events, but now we collectively work to uplift and support each other in our own diverse, nomadic community projects. Click on the link for each event above to learn more about what to expect.

We share upcoming events here on this page, on our instagram, facebook, and occasionally through email. 

Is it Good Vibe Certified ?!

When you see the Good Vibe Collective seal you know the event organizers are committed to creating a positive, inclusive, healthy space to gather. All Good Vibe Crew, and all attendees at their events are asked to abide by and continually work to incorporate the 6 Principles for Nomadic Community into their events.

If you feel like the event you attended did not abide by these principles, whether it was put on by one of our Crew or not, please reach out at us at TheGoodVibeCollective@gmail.com and we will advocate for change!


Past  Events

Northwest Nomads

9/21-9/25, 2023


Fort Rock, OR

Bend Forest Clean-Up

9/10/2023 9am-12pm

Contact Drew @_yolilv1 or @goodvibe.collective for more info

Bend, OR

Descend on Bend '23

9/1-9/4, 2023


La Pine, Oregon

Holy Toledo

 Hosted by The Journal of Lost Time

7/20-7/24, 2023

Toledo, Oregon

Flamingo Stage: MOAB

Celebrating 1 year of Flamingo Stage!

5/5-5/7, 2023

Moab, Utah

Borrego Bonanza

Hosted by @Gather.Over.Yonder

3/3-3/5, 2023

Borrego Springs, California

Van Jam '23

We partnered with The Colony to host the first ever 'Van Jam' at @Stay.Nomadic 

Jacumba Hot Springs, California

Flamingo New Years

We partnered with The Flamingo Stage to host a desert rave party for new years' eve.

Quartzsite, Arizona

ThanksVanning '22

Our 2nd Annual ThanksVanning gathering, celebrating the nomadic community.

in Sedona, Arizona

Flamingo Stage: The Dalles

Partnered with The Flamingo Stage to hold a 3-day music festival

Dalles, Oregon

Good Vibe Circle @
Descend on Bend '22

Flamingo Stage, Good Vibe Collectice, & Van Olympics Collab !

Bend, Oregon

Good Vibe Collective
Solstice Van Camp '22

Our 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Van Camp gathering

Mt. Shasta, California

Past Events 2019 - 2021  ↓


Mountain Van Camp

August 27, 28, 29 — San Juan Mountains, COLORADO — FREE

Summer Solstice Van Camp

June 18, 19, 20 — Buena Vista, COLORADO — FREE

Zion Van Camp

April — Apple Valley, UTAH — FREE


Van Village @ FestFam San Diego

February 29 — Mission Bay, San Diego, CALIFORNIA — FREE

Sedona Van Camp

February — Sedona, ARIZONA — FREE


Mental Health Check-in w/ SamVanZam

May 25 — LIVE at 4:30pm Pacific — with guests @TidelineToAlpine

Good Vibe Happy Hour!

May 2 — LIVE at 4:18pm Mountain — hosted by @SamVanZam with guests @flitfloatflyaway and @soulshakevibe

Mental Health Check-in w/ @SamVanZam

April 27 — LIVE at 4:30pm Pacific — with guests @LisaJacobsLife, @Van.Project, and  


Show notes:

LIVE Vegan Cooking Class

April 16 — LIVE at 3:00pm Eastern — hosted by Chef Meag from @WildDriveLife 

Good Vibe Happy Hour!

April 11 — LIVE at 4:18pm Mountain — hosted by @christopherives

Music by @NomadicSoulTraveller

Lovely Day Virtual Dance Party / Happy Hour

April 5 — LIVE at 5:00pm Eastern — Come dance with us to Bill Withers' "Lovely Day" (our unofficial anthem), then hangout for a happy hour as we pay our respects to the late, great Mr. Withers. 

Nomadic Open Mic Night!

April 4 — LIVE at 5:00pm Pacific — hosted by @FlitFloatFlyAway. Sign up by contacting us on Instagram or by email.

LIVE Vegan Cooking Class

April 3 — LIVE at 3:00pm Eastern — hosted by Chef Meag from @WildDriveLife

LIVE Vegan Cooking Class

March 26 — LIVE at 3:00pm Eastern — hosted by Chef Meag from @WildDriveLife

Good Vibe Happy Hour!

March 25 — LIVE at 4:18pm Mountain — hosted by @EnjoyTheJourney.Today


Van Village @ United Tiny House Festival

November — Orlando, FLORIDA

Good Vibe Caravan to New Orleans Gathering

Florida to Louisiana — FREE

Austin Van Village & Fundraiser

Austin, TEXAS — FREE

Good Vibe Van Village @ Taos Gathering

Taos, New Mexico

Good Vibe Caravan to Taos Gathering

 COLORADO to New Mexico — FREE

Good Vibe Caravan to Basalt Gathering


*FIRST* Good Vibe Caravan to Tetons