Welcome to the

Good  Vibe  Collective


What is the Good Vibe Collective?

The Good Vibe Collective is a small group of nomads that host community gatherings; provide activities and after parties for other events; organize campsite clean-ups; and share news from nomads around the United States.

Our events are ALWAYS OPEN TO EVERYONE regardless of what you drive, what you look like, or how you identify. Scroll down to check out our 6 Principles for Nomadic Community!

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Our Six Principles for Nomadic Community

1. Welcome Home!

If you want to be here, then we want you to be here. When we host events and craft experiences for the community, we need to think about accessibility and creating inclusive, comfortable spaces for all nomads.

We ask all attendees for their support in making everyone feel welcome. Creepy, rude, abusive, or bigoted behavior will get you booted!

2. Self-Reliance

Everyone should be prepared to care for themselves and keep track of their companions and items at our events. The community can be a great source of inspiration and support, however it is the individual's responsibility to be aware of weather, cell signal, road conditions, and prepare for other personal needs. We usually do not provide water, bathrooms, security, or any regular services at any of our events. 

3.  Land Acknowledgement

We believe it's important to learn about who's ancestral land we are on, who has jurisdiction today, and how the land is being used. We expect all those spending time with the Collective to educate themselves and abide by local laws and restrictions, and to respect the land and its many inhabitants.

4. Mother Nature

We believe humans belong out in Nature, but we also acknowledge that we have a unique ability to damage the ecosystem as well. Please practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. This includes packing out all trash; abiding by campfire regulations; and removing or appropriately burying all human or pet poop and TP.

5. Spread Good Vibes

How can you add positive energy to this moment? A smile, hug, a goofy dance, offering your neighbor a hand with a project... Let's come together and spread good vibes wherever we roll. Let's enjoy this journey and bring others along!

6. Sharing is Caring

Everyone has innate gifts and talents. By sharing these with others, we create a community where support can come from within. In lieu of tickets, we ask that you bring your authentic self and share your passions and abilities with the community. We believe that we already are what we are looking for! Come as you are, and please share what you’re able. Community thrives on generosity.